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What users say about Ask the DJ:

Great start on a very promising application. I've been a DJ in the Los Angeles club and underground scene for about 7 years. The automated matching engine you've got is pretty tight. This could become the perfect house [home] party application. Stace (California)

I did the last gig NOT using Traktor anymore. I used ATDJ for the playlist and transitions and added my mixes using Steinberg Remix and Apple Soundtrack. This works great, I played 9 hours straight and had no trouble getting a beer every now and then cause I knew I can count on ATDJ =) Tom (Austria)

I'm a computer programmer with 19 years of experience in developing computer games, including their sound engines. The software, and especially the unique "smart transition", is impressive. I've never seen anything like it, and I love it! Ronald (California)

Rather than sit and line up tracks in iTunes or build myself a CD I can now let this thing pre-mix and spit out a bunch of tracks and I can mingle (and seem like a superstar DJ at the SAME TIME!) :-) Graeme (California)

I play professionally with Native Instruments Traktor and I will that its autoplay would work as well as this. Andrew (North Carolina)

As far as I can tell, there's no other software on the market that offers the beatmixing, set-it-and-forget-it, no-dead-air features of Ask The DJ. Fred (Canada)

I have spent many hours on Logic and Protools assembling beat mixed albums for DJs, this product does it better and in real time. The beat mixing is seamless and the interface is completely intuitive. A truly brilliant product, guaranteed to keep the party rocking no matter what state you're in. Jason (England)

Congratulations! Ask the DJ is the coolest DJ Software on the Mac, and I've tested a lot! Thomas (Germany)

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