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BPMer AccuBeatMix: beat match & mix plugin for iTunes
BPMer BPMer: batch BPM detection. Buy Ask the DJ and get BPMer for free!
Ask the DJ Ask the DJ:
the perfect automatic mix engine for your parties!
Tunatic What is that song? Tunatic tells you. Freeware!


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License package Platform Price Purchase
BPmer + AccuBeatMix⁽³⁾

BPMer + AccuBeatMix
Mac Universal Binary
Mac OS X only
USD $19.00 ⁽¹⁾ ⁽²⁾ Not available
Ask the DJ + BPmer + AccuBeatMix⁽³⁾

Ask the DJ + BPMer + AccuBeatMix
Mac Universal Binary
Mac OS X only
USD $29.00 ⁽¹⁾ ⁽²⁾ Not available

(1) Additional VAT applies for European Union citizens; amount varies according to country.
(2) All products can be purchased for the equivalent amount in other currencies (€, £, ¥, etc.)
(3) If you already have an activation key for any version of Ask the DJ or BPMer, you needn't purchase any additional license package for AccuBeatMix; it will be activated automatically.

All our products can be tested before you buy them. Download the latest versions:

When you purchase wildbits products, you will immediately receive an activation key to unlock the products. Until this activation key is acquired, the products have the following limitations:

  • Ask the DJ stops every 20 minutes and you can't save play-lists or export to audio files.
  • BPMer will only process tracks whose titles begin with letters A to J.
  • AccuBeatMix stops every 20 minutes (then you must re-launch iTunes).

Important note: our products don't support DRM (digital rights management) protected files, such as "AAC protected" files (with extension ".m4p") formerly available on the iTunes Store. To use your "AAC protected" tracks with Wildbits products, you must upgrade them to "iTunes Plus". Please contact Apple Inc. for more information on DRM.

Mac Universal Binary Universal binary. Requires Mac OS X v10.3.9 or later

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