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the perfect automatic mix engine for your parties!
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Ask the DJ

You choose the music, Ask the DJ mixes it!

  • matches and mixes beats
  • works automatically
  • exports mixes to audio files

The beat never stops!

License package also includes BPMer and AccuBeatMix.

Ask the DJ does not support DRM-protected tracks formerly available on the iTunes Store.
Please upgrade your "AAC protected" tracks to "iTunes Plus" for use with Ask the DJ.

new! Version 2.0.3 fixes an issue that prevented tracks from being dropped from iTunes 9.2. Revision history here.

Click here for details about Ask the DJ's exclusive features such as music indexing, bpm detection, intro/outro detection, play-list optimization, time stretching, ...

Ask the DJ's window
mp3 Ask the DJ produces perfect transitions, even when mixing tracks with different tempos.
Listen to the demo! (about the demo: click here)
Download and try for free! Ask the DJ

Ask the DJ v2.0.3

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  ATM magazine

Traktor gives you the tools to mix your own tracks, but Ask the DJ mixes for ya!! Go get one!

D. Stoddart, ATM Magazine

Wildbits products are compatible with "iTunes Plus" tracks (".m4a" extension) bought on the iTunes Store.
Wildbits products are not compatible with DRM-protected tracks such as "AAC protected" tracks (".m4p" extension) formerly available on iTunes.
To use your "AAC protected" tracks with Wildbits products, you must upgrade them to "iTunes Plus".

Mac Universal Binary Universal binary. Requires Mac OS X v10.3.9 or later

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