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A powerful track analyzer

  • Precision BPM detector
  • Completely automatic, no need to tap
  • Batch processing of folder or iTunes playlist
  • Writes BPM to file tag
  • Exports BPM and other data to iTunes
  • Supports mp3 and AAC
  • Detects music intro & fade-out
  • Optionally adjusts track volume
  • Genre filter: process selected genres or skip selected genres
  • Free to try
  • License package includes AccuBeatMix.

BPMer + AccuBeatMix = perfect parties

BPMer is more than a mere BPM counter. It also detects intro & fade-out to skip them in iTunes. And thanks to AccuBeatMix, you just get perfect, beat-matching transitions.
The beat never stops!

BPMer does not support DRM-protected tracks formerly available on the iTunes Store. Please upgrade your "AAC protected" tracks to "iTunes Plus" for use with BPMer.

download Download BPMer 1.1.12 for Mac OS X 10.5 or later (Intel architecture)

PowerPC users: download version 1.1.11 (Mac OS X 10.3.9-10.9.x)

Version 1.1.12 fixes compatibility issue with iTunes 12 and OS X Yosemite.
Revision history here

BPMer screenshot
running BPMer screenshot

Tips & tricks

  • BPM is not displayed by default in iTunes. To display BPM information, check Beats Per Minute in View>View Options.
  • Do not leave iTunes' track information window open while BPMer works - this would block iTunes updating.
  • BPMer does not support DRM-protected files such as iTunes Music Store files (except the new DRM-free tracks).

Questions & Answers

Q: What tag format does BPMer support?
A: BPMer supports all ID3 tags (ID3v1.x, ID3v2.2, ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4), plus QuickTime (AAC) tags.

Q: How can I batch-reset Start/Stop times in iTunes?
A: Select the tracks in iTunes, then run this AppleScript.

A note on "Digital Rights Management" (DRM) and iTunes Plus

Wildbits products are compatible with "iTunes Plus" tracks (".m4a" extension) bought on the iTunes Store.
Wildbits products are not compatible with DRM-protected tracks such as "AAC protected" tracks (".m4p" extension) formerly available on iTunes.
To use your "AAC protected" tracks with Wildbits products, you must upgrade them to "iTunes Plus".

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