Sorting tracks

Sorting tracks ensures you get the best transitions between tracks. To sort tracks:

  1. Wait until each track you want to sort has been analysed. It takes Ask the DJ a few seconds to analyse each track. You know that a track has been analysed when its “bpm” is displayed.
  2. Select the tracks to sort. If you want to sort all tracks to be played, you can just deselect all tracks.
  3. Click the Sort button or select “Sort” in the “Tracks” menu.
the Sort button

Ask the DJ will rebuild the list downwards by picking the track that best matches the previous track in terms of tempo, rhythm and/or volume (according to the weighting chosen in the preferences), then picking the next track among the remaining tracks, and so on.
Ask the DJ has less and less tracks to choose from when it reaches the bottom of the list, so this algorithm yields better transitions at the top.

Note: Ask the DJ can only sort tracks that have been analysed.
See also: track matching