Track analysis

For each track in the play-list, Ask the DJ performs the following analysis:

Ask the DJ performs analysis automatically, “in the background”. It starts with the track currently playing or to be played, then goes on downwards. When all tracks to be played have been analysed, it also analyses tracks above the track indicator, if any. Analysis results can be cached if the option is checked in the preferences window (“Miscellaneous” tab)

You know that a track has been analysed when its bpm is displayed next to its duration.

Track analysis allows Ask the DJ to skip unrhythmy intros and outros, to perform 1-beat and smart transitions (which preserve the beat) and to level the volume. It also allows tracks to be sorted, thus yielding the best transitions.

Note: Sometimes, analysis fails for a particular track (if, for instance, there's no beat, or if the intro or outro is too long). In that case, no bpm is displayed.
See also: track matching, transitions