Like a real DJ, Ask the DJ preserves the beat when moving on to another track, by having the beats of both tracks coincide as they are cross-faded.

Ask the DJ features two transition modes:

The “Transition” tab of the preferences window allows you to set which mode should be used for transitions: smart cross-fades, 1-beat cross-fades, or no cross-fades at all. It also features an option to downgrade the transition mode when tracks don't match. The duration for smart cross-fades is adjustable.

Smart and 1-beat cross-fades require both tracks to have been analysed. This analysis is performed automatically in advance and takes a few seconds per track.

Because they involve heavy signal processing, smart cross-fades must be pre-calculated, which can take about 1 minute. If the transition point is reached before the calculation is done, no cross-fade is performed.

Note: Don't move the progress indicator to test a transition: you might miss the transition point, or leave Ask the DJ too little time to pre-calculate the transition. Use “Test Transition” (“Player” menu) instead.
See also: track analysis, preferences