FAQ: How can I save my mix to an audio CD?

  1. Prepare your mix. Your play-list should only contain the tracks you want to include in the mix.
  2. Select “Export As Audio...” in the “File” menu.
  3. Choose “Folder with several audio files (AIFF)” as the format.
  4. If needed, select a location within your iTunes music folder to avoid unnecessary copying by iTunes.
  5. After the export is done, add the exported AIFF files to iTunes and make an iTunes play-list with them.
  6. Make sure you have set “Disc Format” to “Audio CD” and “Gap Between Songs” to “None” in iTunes' burning preferences.
  7. Burn the audio CD.
Note: If your CD-R recording hardware or software does not support “Disc-At-Once” (DAO), a small gap may occur between tracks. In this case, burn a single-track audio CD by exporting as “One audio file (AIFF)”. All recent harware and software support DAO.
See also: audio export